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A Mind's Fantasy is a series I made that is a mixture of fanfiction and original story. It features canon characters, plots, settings, events, and references from many fandoms such as Hellboy, FNAF, Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen(don't ask), Twilight, and much more. However, this story does take place in an alternate universe of the real world seeing that it's taking place in "my imagination". It also has some original characters and plots. Another thing that makes it my own story is that I've changed families, stories, origins, and much more for many of the canon characters.

This storyline first started when I was 7 years old. For the past 6 years, I've been roleplaying each and every character in real life creating their own stories and helped make this world come to life. Now that I'm starting to get into writing books and hopefully become a potential author, I've finally decided to make this story into a book series if possible. I also hope to make animated versions of things of it too.

An interesting fact about this story I made is that I managed to fit a roleplay story I've been working on for 6 years into a book series that's 12 books long in 3 arcs, plus another 4-book arc for the sequel series and extra books about special events in a certain character's life.

Here, on the A Mind's Fantasy Wiki, you can finally explore this story and how it plays out. You'll get to meet all of the characters, learn of how each individual book's plot plays out, and so much more!

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